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"Here We Go Again?!"

We are more than happy to announce that psychobilly legends THE PHANTOM ROCKERS are currently in the studio, making the new album  (12th!!!)  which is gonna be released later this year. Stay tuned for more information about the exact date and pre-sale! 


Listen here:

The band started in 1988 in the U.K. after Mark Burke left The Krewmen, one of the most popular psychobilly bands in Europe. In 1993 they became the first band, along with the Meteors, to bring psychobilly to the U.S. Since then they have traveled all over the world, playing numerous U.S. and European tours as well as Mexico, Japan, Korea and Brazil. In addition to the Meteors, the Rockers have shared the stage with many influential bands including The Guana Batz, Anti-Nowhere League, The Dead Milkmen, The Specials and The Exploited in the "British Are Coming Tour" in 2007.

The Phantom Rockers formed while Mark was living on a British Air Force base in Germany. It was there he met Mick Carroll also from England, Marcus Losen who was Dutch, and Olaf Schubert from Germany. The four got together and named the band after the comic figure The Phantom. After only three months and two shows the group landed a record deal with Tombstone Records. The band then released their first album “Kissed by a Werewolf,” which became the best selling LP on the label in 1989. In 1991 they released "Demon Lover" on Tombstone which sold over 50,000 units in Europe and established the Phantom Rockers as one of the top psychobilly bands in the world.


Their next album "Born to Be Wild" (Tombstone Records) was met with critical acclaim and went on to hold a Top Ten position on the European charts. Support for their fourth album "Search and Destroy" (Tombstone Records) included major touring which first brought the band (and psychobilly music) to North America. After two more albums, several lineup changes and many years of extensive American touring, the European lineup split up and went back to the U.K. Mark, however, decided to stay in the U.S. In 1998 while hanging out in a bar in Dallas he met ex-Exploited guitar player Karl Morris, who also found his way to Texas via the U.K. The two reformed the Phantom Rockers and created a U.S. lineup.

The Phantom Rockers (now based in San Antonio, Texas) are Mark Burke on stand up bass, Vin Badblood on guitar, Buddy Parland lead guitar and Ricky Del Infierno on drums. Former members including Karl Morris, Mick Carrol, Marcus Losen can be seen playing guest appearances at select shows. The Rockers have been going strong for over 20 years and have released 11 albums. The Phantom Rockers have played all over the world, recently visiting countries in South America including Chile and Columbia. Now moving to another chapter Phantom Rockers are happy to join Monsterbilly Records and are booking European dates as well as U.S. and South America.


So be sure to keep an eye out when The Phantom Rockers pass through your town!